The Housing Authority
of the City of Lawrenceville, GA
LHA to open Multifamily Waiting List Application Process

The Housing Authority of the City of Lawrenceville will open the Multifamily Housing Program Waiting List for new applicants on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, at 8:00 am.  Eligible individuals must apply by completing an online application at during the waiting list application period.  The Housing Authority of the City of Lawrenceville will close the waiting list on Sunday, February 12, 2023 at 12:00 midnight.  

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If you are a resident and have a maintenance emergency you may call

404-493-2413 at any time. 

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The Housing Authority of the City of Lawrenceville (LHA) was established on May 8, 1950 and was funded through the Housing Act of 1937 for the purpose of providing decent, safe, and sanitary housing to the low-income citizens of Lawrenceville and the surrounding areas. Since its establishment, LHA has developed 9 housing sites with a total of 212 public housing units. The Authority's operating fund consists of rental income and federal subsidies from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Most residents served by the Housing Authority are elderly and working families. 

For more detailed information about LHA and LHC programs, please visit the Housing Programs tab above.

2022 Lawrenceville Housing Authority and Gwinnett Housing Corporation

Board Meeting Schedule

The Lawrenceville Housing Authority Board of Commissoners meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8:30am at the Lawrenceville Housing Authority office located at 502 Glenn Edge Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30046.  At times, if a quorum   cannot be established, meetings will be rescheduled and public notice will be published in the Gwinnett Daily Post with a new date, time and location.

The 2022 meeting schedule is:

January 26 at 8:30am
February 17 at 8:30am 
March 17 at 8:30am 
April 21 at 8:30am
May 19 at 8:30am 
June 16 at 8:30am 
July 21 at 8:30am 
August 18 at 8:30am
September 15 at 8:30am 
October 20 at 8:30am 
November 17 at 8:30am 
December 15 at 8:30am
The regularly scheduled Board Meeting for August 2022 has been rescheduled due to unforseen circumstances.  The August meeting will now be held on August 25, 2022 at 1:00 pm at 502 Glenn Edge Drive, Lawrenceville, GA.  
New Housing Site Opens at Thompson Square
A Message from the Executive Director....
It was an honor and a highlight of my career to celebrate this historic moment with our friends. For some of you who are not familiar with the history of the Lawrenceville Housing Authority (LHA), I would like to give you a brief overview of the organization, this specific project and the important role it plays in the community.

LHA was established in 1950 for the purpose of creating and maintaining quality, affordable housing for low-income families. It is the largest and oldest housing authority in Gwinnett. In partnership with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we are able to offer affordable rents so that our elderly can age out in place with dignity, our workforce can maintain homes based on their ability to pay, and children can have a safe and stable housing so they can focus on their education.
As a HUD-designated High Performer, LHA takes pride in its communities and families we serve. However, with irregular and unstable funding from the federal government, subject to deep annual prorations and cuts, LHA leadership implemented a preservation strategy to ensure its housing stock is a source of community pride and continues to serve the families in the foreseeable future.

Due to the regulatory framework, we could not raise any capital to make significant improvements to our aging stock. A first step towards preservation was taking advantage of an innovative HUD pilot program named RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) where we successfully converted the entire portfolio to a more stable funding platform. This will allow LHA to bring other sources of funding to capitalize the redevelopment and modernization of its units.

When we submitted our application for this program in 2014, we approached the city leadership to convey our plans and to use this unique opportunity to incorporate city’s downtown revitalization efforts into our portfolio development strategy.
As part of this pilot, LHA successfully navigated the federal bureaucracy and was the first housing authority in the nation to be granted a waiver to demolish and replace the 36 of its units, as negotiated with the City of Lawrenceville.

This project is of great significance because it will have a positive long-term impact on the local residents and community at large. Most importantly, LHA families are relocated from functionally obsolete housing into a modern development that aesthetically blends into the existing neighborhoods. The buildings will be a source of pride for families and the community. The site features a brand new playground funded by HUD's CDBG grant, in partnership with Gwinnett County Government Community Development Department. Furthermore, with this development, residents’ quality of life will be significantly improved. Where in the old housing development the apartments were situated under a highway, with exposure to exhaust fumes and debris, residents will now be surrounded with lush greenery, verdant spaces, and areas to engage in outdoor activity.

With green building and sustainability in mind, LHA partnered with Trees Atlanta to design a landscaping plan that incorporates 2,173 trees and shrubs including native and/or edible plants. The native plants will support wildlife like songbirds and pollinators, and the tree canopy will shade the outdoor areas while providing seasonal interest and color. The plantings are naturalized which mimic the calming benefits of nature, and create a unique sense of place for residents. Fruit trees and shrubs like figs and blueberries, as well as culinary herbs are incorporated into the landscaping which turn a traditional landscape into a productive one.

In addition to our focus on healthy outdoor living, this development will also address the challenging energy, water and climate conditions of the Southeast by being first of LHA properties to obtain EarthCraft certification.

A project of this magnitude is not feasible without the community and partner support. We need to take this opportunity to recognize Gwinnett County's contribution towards this project. Our team insisted on having a large green space for some 40 children that will live here. That required additional land to incorporate the green fields and a playground. Utilizing NSP funds through Gwinett County, we purchased the 3 acre lot behind the planned development to accommodate the growing plans. In addition to the land acquisition, Gwinnett County also approved our funding request to install a beautiful, brand new playground that will promote outdoor activity and safe play.

The playground was also funded in part by Ramlose Foundation and NEGA Community Foundation.

We are also thankful to our partners at HUD for recognizing the need to deregulate affordable housing, especially small agencies, and allow us to utilize our entrepreneurial talent to meet the needs of the local community.

And I would also like to thank the 120 volunteers who showed up three weekends in a row to plant the 2,173 trees and shrubs. Organizations including, but not limited to: Lawrenceville Boys and Girls Club, Lawrenceville Lions club, Lawrenceville Woman’s Club, Mitsubhishi Electric, Gwinnett Tech, GGC, Discovery HS Interact Club and Moore MS cheer leading squad came out to play in the dirt and show their support for their new neighbors.

One of the most important highlights of this entire experience is that this groundbreaking project would not have been possible without the partnership, support, and funding by the City of Lawrenceville. This neighborhood reflects the largest municipal investment in in the history of affordable housing in Gwinnett County. Not only did we replace all 36 former public housing units, but, with city’s support we are gaining additional 4 apartments that will be used for our transitional housing program for homeless families assisted by Gwinnett Housing Corporation. This incredible and generous investment reflects city’s pride and support of the families we serve and shows that they recognize the contribution of our families to the city’s fabric and economy. Thompson Square sets the bar high for future affordable housing development.

As we celebrate this historic event that commemorates the revitalization of Gwinnett's oldest (formerly) public housing stock, planning is underway for future, large scale affordable housing projects. As the City of Lawrenceville moves through its renaissance, our work will continue to ensure that no families are left behind. LHA has selected OneStreet Residential to assist us in our future preservation and construction initiatives. This elite developer successfully constructed 7400 housing units over the span of last 31 years in business. So please stay tuned for more exciting projects in our pipeline.

We hope that Thompson Square will serve as catalyst for future development and that, together with our partners, we can usher an era where affordable housing is recognized for its contributions to individual and economic growth.

-Lejla Prljaca, Executive Director


Why Affordable Housing is Important

Lawrenceville Housing Authority knows that creating safe and decent places to live can have incredibly positive effects on a family's health, on a student's education, and on a neighborhood's overall attractiveness and viability. 

With so much at stake, the LHA makes it a top priority to provide safe, decent housing options.
Lawrenceville Housing Authority awards over 
$35,000 in Resident Scholarships

Lawrenceville Housing Authority (LHA) Board of Commissioners awarded another scholarship to an LHA resident. Ms.Gee received a grant of $1000 per semester, for two semesters (for a total of $2000) to pursue her degree as a Dental Hygienist at Georgia Gwinnett College. LHA has awarded over $35,000 in scholarships to its residents so they can pursue their degrees and grow their careers. Our programs focus on self-sufficiency and socioeconomic mobility.
To help us reach more families, please consider donating to match our contributions towards the scholarship fund for LHA residents. Please contact our Deputy Director Keira Drane at for more information.
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LHA is pleased to partner with Mending The Gap INC.  Mending The Gap is a nonprofit community organization that offers assistance and other support services to senior citizens in Gwinnett County.  Their program delivers food, toiletries, personal items and cleaning supplies monthly to low-moderate income senior citizens free of charge.  For more information visit or call them at 404-729-5185.  
LHA Community Gardens (In collaboration with the LHA Resident Advisory Board, The Lawrenceville Women's Club, PMC Building Materials and Gardens for Growing Community).
LHA in the Community
The Lawrenceville Housing Authority works collaboratively with community partners to provide resident services and programming and inform participants of community resources and other opportunities that will lead to greater independence, increased financial literacy, and systemic change.

LHA Reading Initiative (In partnership with the Ramose Foundation and the City of Lawrenceville).
ReThink Housing
Why Housing Matters
Public Housing is often associated with buildings, instead of people. Did you know that 41% of those living in public housing are children and that 32% are elderly? Learn more about "ReThink Housing" and Why Housing Matters at