The Housing Authority
of the City of Lawrenceville, GA

502 Glenn Edge Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Phone: (770) 963 - 4900
Fax: (770) 338 - 8447
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Phone: 770 - 963 - 4900
Fax: 770 - 338 - 8447
LHA is responsible for maintaining stable and safe living environments for its residents. To be considered suitable, you must show you are able to pay rent when due, take care of an apartment, and live peacefully with neighbors.
The Pathway Home Program offers affordable rental housing coupled with supportive services for Gwinnett County families with children who have previously not had stable housing.
Pathway Home is a supportive housing program through the Lawrenceville Housing Corporation. The program offers disadvantaged families with children in Gwinnett County the opportunity to gain stability, learn about healthy financial habits, and move toward permanent and safe housing. Pathway Home asserts that when families are able to live without the fear of being without shelter that they can foster healthy relationships and support stable, thriving neighborhoods and communities. 

Pathway Home provides a 'hand-up' approach to working with families who have previously not had stable housing. Families are required to work closely with their case manager who sets individualized plans and goals to help each family take the necessary steps toward economic self-sufficiency.

Families have access to financial counseling and education, higher education opportunities, on-the-job training opportunities, child care assistance, summer lunch programs, job coaching, transportation assistance, and more. All families must pass criminal background screenings and drug testing to be eligible for the program. All families must have a head of household who works full time to remain in the program.

Pathway Home is currently working closly with Family Promise of Gwinnett to transition families from their 30-90 day program into a Pathway Home house. When Pathway Home acquires a stronger inventory of units, it may open a waiting list for affordable rental housing with supportive services.

How can I help?
There are several ways that an individual or organization can make a difference in the lives of Pathway Home families.

Sponsor a Child
A pledge to Sponsor a Child can provide a host of materials and services that can make a difference in that child's life. Services include mentoring, after school care, tutoring, and field trip opportunities. Items include clothing, books, and shoes. All are important factors for a child to grow and develop. 

Sponsor a Family
A pledge to Sponsor a Family can provide services including financial education classes, tuition for a degree or certification, gas to get to and from work, and small car repairs among other costs. 

Sponsor a Home
Sponsoring one of our homes can assist with the carrying costs of owning the home which may include annual maintenance and green energy improvements. 

Our Wish List
Families who move into Pathway Home houses typically bring very few items with them. We're always in need of the following items to help make their transition easier. 
  • Gas cards
  • Books
  • Diapers, diaper bags, wipes 
  • Children's toys
  • Basic household items (trash can, laundry basket, shower rods, shower curtains, towels)
  • Basic household cleaning items (clorox wipes, hand soap, dish soap, sponges, etc)
  • Furniture and beds (please have pre-approved)

Planned Giving
Planned giving helps Pathway Home plan for the future with an ability to expand services that are available to families.

Become a Sponsor
To learn more about the types of sponsorship and what each sponsorship could provide to a child, family, or home, please click here


For more information on donating to Pathway Home, please contact Lejla Slowinski at (770) 963-4900 x203.